Webster Adjunct Information

Essential University Contact Information

Public Safety
Main Line: (314) 246-7430
Emergency: 314-968-6911
Power Failure: 314-220-8487

Academic Resource Center (ARC): 314-246-7620

Academic Advising: 314-968-6972

Career Planning: 314-968-6982

Counseling Resources: 314-968-7030
Emergency: 314-968-6911

Diversity & Inclusion/Community Engagement: 314-246-8250

Faculty Development Center: Webster.edu/faculty/fdc/

IT Service Desk: 1-866-435-7270

Mail & Copy Solutions: 314-246-7421

Multicultural & International Student Center: 314-246-7658

Media Services: 314-246-6967

Payroll Services: payroll@webster.edu

Security: See Public Safety at top

Student Health Services
Main: 314-246-4207
Emergency: (Call Public Safety): 314-968-6911

Work-Related Injuries
Main: (314) 246-7782
Emergency: (314) 968-6911

Writing Center: 314-246-8644
Please visit the Webster University “A-Z” phone directory located here. You may find a faculty and staff directory here where you can search by formal name.

Links to important school/college department contact information:

School of Communications

Department Chairs
Department Name Email Phone
Communications & Journalism Gary Ford fordg@webster.edu 314-246-8632
Electronic & Photographic Media Aaron AuBuchon aubucaar@webster.edu 314-246-8632
Audio Aesthetics & Technology Tim Ryan timothyryan80@webster.edu 314-246-8632

Eric Rothenbuhler
Dean, School of Communications

Susan Napoleon
Coordinator, School of Communications

Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts

Department Chairs
Department Position Name Email Phone
Art, Design, and Art History Chair Tom Lang langtk@webster.edu Office: 246-7171
Direct: 246-5158
Graduate Studies in Art & Gallery Director Dr. Jeff Hughes hughesja@webster.edu Office: 314-246-7159
Representative Jennifer Hylton-Whited Jenniferhylton88@webster.edu 314-246-7171
Dance Chair James Robey jamesrobey14@webster.edu Office: 246-7747
Direct: 246-6936
Dept. Asst. TBD

Music Chair Dr. Jeffrey Carter jeffreycarter67@webster.edu Office: 246-7032
Direct: 246-7033
Assoc. Chair & Director, Grad.Studies Dr. Glen Bauer bauerga@webster.edu 314-246-7037
Representative Jean Huber huberje@webster.edu 314-246-7032
Department Assistant Nathan Coleman nathanColeman64@webster.edu 314-246-7032
Graduate Studies in Music Director Dr. Carla Colletti Carlacolletti88@webster.edu Office: 314-968-7034
Conservatory of Theatre Arts Chair Dottie Marshall Englis marshado@webster.edu Office: 246-7032
Direct: 246-6966
Representative Tara Campbell Taracampbell94@webster.edu 314-246-6929
Arts & Management Leadership Gene Dobbs Bradford bradford@jazzstl.org 314-881-3082
Office: 314-246-7505
   Department Associate  Alexandra Winters  awinters55@webster.edu  Office: 314-246-7505

Peter Sargent
Dean, Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts

Virgina Johnson, Director

College of Arts and Sciences

Department Position Name Email Phone
Dean's Office Dean Anton Wallner, Ph.D. antonwallner@webster.edu (314) 246-7835
Dean's Office Director of Operations Kimberly Jackson jackimb@webster.edu (314) 246-7202
Dean's Office Dean’s Assistant & Communications Coordinator Thanh G. Dinh-Trang trangdinhtrang29@webster.edu (314) 246-7160
Anthropology & Sociology Chair Remy Cross briancross20@webster.edu (314) 246-7826
Biological Sciences Chair Mary Preuss marypreuss34@webster.edu (314) 246-4211
English Chair Sheila Hwang hwangsh@webster.edu (314) 246-7817
History, Politics & International Relations Chair Warren Rosenblum wrosenbl@webster.edu (314) 968-7066
Human Rights Director of The Institute for Human Rights & Humanitarian Studies Lindsey Kingston lkingston54@webster.edu (314) 246-8794
International Languages & Cultures Chair Emily Thompson thompsem@webster.edu (314) 968-7050
Legal Studies Chair Robin Higgins Robinjefferson85@webster.edu (314) 246-8724
Nurse Anesthesia Chair Jill Stulce jillstulce02@webster.edu (314) 246-7846
Nursing Chair Janice Palmer janicepalmer47@webster.edu (314) 968-7488
Professional Counseling Chair Muthoni Musangali muthoni08@webster.edu (314) 246-8278
Philosophy Chair Bruce Umbaugh bumbaugh@webster.edu (314) 246-7172
Psychology Chair Heather Mitchell hmitchell33@webster.edu (314) 246-7019
Religious Studies Chair Chris Parr parrch@webster.edu (314) 246-7739

Anton Wallner, Ph.D
College of Arts & Sciences
Browning Hall 202
Webster Groves Main Campus (WEBG)

Kimberly Jackson
Director of Operations
(314) 246-7202

Thanh G. Dinh-Trang
Dean’s Assistant & Communications Coordinator

Walker School of Business and Technology

Contact List

Simone Cummings
Walker School of Business & Technology
East Academic Building 303
Webster Groves Main Campus (WEBG)

Denise Andre
Dean's Office Representative
Walker School of Business & Technology
East Academic Building 300
Webster Groves Main Campus (WEBG)

School of Education

Contact List

Dr. Thomas Cornell
Interim Dean
Webster Hall 232

Dawna Moore
Director of Operations
Webster Hall 224