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2/22/19 - Adjunct News

Posted: 2/22/2019 11:24:00 AM

New Drop and Tuition Refund Policies Announced


Take a look at the newly-announced drop and tuition refund measures that will become effective in the Summer 2019 term. Key elements of importance to adjuncts:

  1. Students will no longer have two weeks to decide whether to drop a class. This will enable all adjunct faculty to settle their class enrollment and focus on teaching.
  2. Teaching faculty will be asked to confirm class attendance through quick a survey via the Student Success Portal powered by Starfish. The survey will take less than 1 minute.
  3. With the drop policy change, the tuition refund policy has also been adjusted to reflect the drop/withdrawal date.

To see the new tuition refund schedule and to learn more, visit here.

The Women’s Foundation of Greater St. Louis (WFSTL) Names Webster University One St. Louis’ Best Employers for Women
With Webster University’s history as a college founded by women, and Its “…strong legacy of advancing women's leadership and success,” the WFSTL recently named the university as one of its 2018 honorees.

Using its proprietary scorecard, WFSTL evaluates honorees on their structural efforts and outcomes to advance women through compensation, leadership, flexible work policies, and recruitment and retention initiatives. The Foundation will release a full report on its findings in April.

For more information about the accolade, the survey, and the WFSTL organization, please visit here.

Expense Report Changes at Hand
Please note that the Faculty Professional Development-Concur Expense Template is no longer available for the recording and reconciliation of professional expenses. Please see this link for more information on the new expense recording system and how to use it. Please direct any questions about this transition to your department chair or your program coordinator.

Diversity & Inclusion Conference Registration Still Open
Don’t miss this three-day seminar titled “Expanding the Conversation,” which will be held from Feb. 26-28 at various locations across the Webster campus. To register and/or review the daily agendas, visit here. Remember, attendance and meals are free of charge!

University Leadership In D.C.
President Beth Stroble, Provost & Sr. VP and Chief Operating Officer Julian Schuster, Chief Communications Officer Rick Rockwell, and Associate Vice President for Government Relations and Sponsored Programs Carolyn Corley traveled to D.C. recently for a series of meetings and briefings. During their visit, they met with members of Congress, State Department officials, and embassy personnel and used the meetings to brief them on University developments, solidify relationships and advance Webster University’s mission.

For more information about the trip, please visit here.