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6/19/19 - Adjunct News

Posted: 6/19/2019 8:37:00 AM

Starfish Student Success Portal Early Term Progress Assessments Now Open
The Summer 2019 Early Term Progress Survey launched last week and will remain open until Monday, June 24, at 11 p.m. CDT.

Remember, raising concerns (flags) or positive feedback (kudos) early is helpful for students and gives them opportunities to achieve success. So, please complete your surveys during the 10-day window – even if you have no feedback to submit.

Over the last eight periods, our highest completion rate has been 42 percent. Please help us hit 100 percent completion for the Summer Term.

Questions? Reach out to studentsuccess@webster.edu , or access the resources available at http://www.webster.edu/success, which includes a detailed Progress Survey FAQ section and a two-minute video on how to complete a Progress Survey.

It’s Parade Time! Sign Up to Be Part of Webster Groves’ July 4 Community Days Parade
Parades over the July 4th holiday are as much a part of the celebration as fireworks, BBQs, and all-round fun. Now you can be a part of a parade celebration by marching (or biking) with Webster University colleagues in Webster Groves’ Community Days Parade. It’s one of the area’s most popular with residents and visitors staking their claim to precious curbside real estate as much as three days in advance! To learn more, visit here.

New Academic Catalogues Are Now Ready
Take a moment to browse through the newly-released academic catalog, effective as of June 1. You will be able to see new, revised, and deleted programs, as well as links to the annual curriculum change summary reports and approved proposals for Curriculum Committee and Graduate Council. For more information, visit here.

Check Out the Collaboration Possibilities with Office 365 OneDrive
Document collaboration online is often inefficient, frustrating, and frequently devolves into an endless and confusing string of emails. Not anymore! Take a look at Office 365 OneDrive, which is part of Webster University’s suite of computer services. Learn more here.

University Looks to Enhance Webster Works World-Wide Day of Service Event
Task forces are now being established to help the university review the program and determine how additional “service-learning,” or “community-based” activities can be incorporated. Two task forces are being established to explore opportunities. The first, the University Volunteerism Task Force, will explore how students, faculty and staff can give back to the community.

A second group, the Service-Learning Task Force, will conduct an inventory of service-learning activities that are imbedded in courses and explore how to promote them to current and prospective students.

Visit here for more information and to register for a task force.