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10/15/15 - Parking Permits and Public Transportation

Posted: 10/15/2015 11:34:00 AM

Dear St. Louis Adjuncts:

Parking Permit Clarification: We have had several inquiries from our adjuncts about how payroll deductions work with the new parking permit system, and we would like to take a moment to clarify the information previously presented.Most importantly, please be assured your paycheck will not be deducted for parking unless – and until – you request a parking permit from Public Safety.

If you do request a parking permit, a deduction of $7.65 will be taken from your paycheck. However, if you do not receive a paycheck (i.e. you are not teaching during a given term), a deduction will not be made. With this new model, parking costs will stay the same or be reduced, and you pay for parking only when you are using the permit.

Metro Passes: On a related subject, we should also note the availability of the “UPass,” which enables members of the Webster University community to ride both Metrobus and Metrolink for free. This program represents part of our commitment to make transportation more accessible, affordable, and sustainable. Faculty, students, and staff may obtain the passes at the Bursar’s Office in Webster Hall using their Webster photo ID.

Metro buses run regularly between the Shrewsbury Metrolink station and the front of Webster Hall. Parking is also available for UPass users at the Shrewsbury station parking lot.

We hope this helps clarify these matters. If you have additional questions about the new parking system, please contact Rick Gerger in Public Safety (rickgerger06@webster.edu). If you would like more information about the “UPass,” please stop by the Bursar’s office, on the first floor of Webster Hall.