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The Adjunct Experience

The Adjunct Experience

As an adjunct at Webster University, you will touch, challenge and inspire your students. You will encourage them as they explore their ideas, test their theories, and enhance their knowledge. Most importantly, you will help provide our students with an enriching academic experience that will prepare them for professional achievement and success.

We also recognize the importance of giving you the support you need to make your teaching engagement a rewarding and enjoyable experience. To that end, we are committed to providing you with the following:

Open, Give-And-Take Communication

What is academia without the free, unencumbered exchange of information and ideas? Here we encourage it – and treasure it. Starting with your department chair or program coordinator, feel free to ask questions, seek assistance, or just sit, talk, and share ideas.

An Atmosphere of Academic Excellence

As a university with a global reach and academic excellence, we are guided by a culture that supports faculty teaching, scholarship, research, artistic endeavors, and curriculum development.

Professional Enrichment

Webster University offers all faculty – including adjuncts – the resources found at the Faculty Development Center (FDC). An overview of FDC’s online offerings can be found here. These initiatives include learning communities, webinars, and technology support.

The Center is located on campus at the following address:

Emerson Library, Room 420
101 Edgar Road
St. Louis, MO  63119
Phone: (314) 246-8243 or 866-963-8243
Email: askfdc@webster.edu.

In addition, our full and part time faculty are eligible for free conference attendance. Please check with the FDC personnel for specific opportunities. Overseas teaching opportunities are also available at our international locations. Check here for details.

A Voice In Faculty Governance

Up to 10 percent of the seats in our Faculty Assembly can be filled by adjunct faculty, provided you have been at Webster University for at least three years. In addition, Faculty Assembly members are also eligible to be elected to the Faculty Senate. For more information, visit the following:

Finally, and most importantly, we want you to feel part of the Webster University community – whether you teach just one class or several.  Welcome.